The glass fronted restaurant faces the surrounding paddy fields on one side and the lush green lawns and the multi coloured flora and fauna of the gardens on the other side.From wherever one is seated in the restaurant,this multi coloured landscape takes one's breath away while the delicious food tingles one's tastebuds and fills the stomach.

With a seating capacity for around two hundred persons,the restaurant serves local.,Western and fusion food.In keeping with the environment friendly theme,crockery is made of natural clay and each piece has been individually moulded by a local potter to whom it was also a work of love.In order to keep the food on the plates warm,banana leaves and Lotus leaves are placed on the plates giving it another local touch.Most of the vegetables served are organically grown in the estate gardens or bought from the village fair and villagers' gardens.All produce is sourced from the surrounding villages to ensure freshness and support the neighbourhood.

The restaurant is open to outside guests for lunch and for in-house guests for breakfast and dinner too.Room service can also be ordered from the restaurant menu. The entire restaurant can be reserved for outside guests for special functions while barbeque parties can be arranged in the garden.the chef is available to discuss special menus for functions.

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